Fred Ventura
Biographical Sketch
Communicating of a Unique Vision
Fred Ventura reflects a unique vision in his art. He likes to use vibrant contrasting colors and defines his images with bold strokes, but he also incorporates precise detail. Airbrushed acrylics are his passion. His canvas paintings often include a gradated background where subtle changes in hue, value and intensity extend down the full length of the canvas. His recent work titled, "El Campo", is representative of this style. The sky, water and gentle rolling hills of California's Central Coast offer great inspiration for his art.

Fred studied painting and drawing at University of California, Santa Barbara. Currently he is expanding his knowledge of materials and techniques by working with several local artists. Fred's favorite artists are the famous Belgian painter, Rene' Magritte and the well-known and popular lithographer and draftsmen, M.C. Escher, who is probably best known for his incredibly detailed images and his impossible divisions of space.

Fred is a pioneer in the educational computing field. His digital art and educational software products have been sold throughout the United States for more than 25 years. In moving away from the computer screen and back to traditional media, Fred is reconnecting with his roots. The Central Coast Gallery offers a variety of Fred's paintings, drawings and photographs. Fred is currently working on several new projects so keep coming back to the gallery to see his latest work.


Boardmember, Arts Obispo
Member, Los Padres Art Association
Member, Paso Robles Art Association
Member, Art Center
Member, Town Center Gallery


On the Technical Side...
Fred Ventura works as a software developer and has published over 100 iOS apps. His latest projects include several apps for Apple Watch. For more information about Fred's iOS apps, search for Ventura Educational Systems on the app store or click here.
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