Greetings, my name is Brian Claverie and I am an artist here on the central coast. I’m currently working in clay but have studied drawing and painting in the past and really enjoy just about every medium I’ve come into contact with through the years. Clay however is the most incredible material I’ve yet to work with. I completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees in art at Fresno State University. Art has been at the center of what makes me happy since early childhood I live in Orcutt with my wife Kellie, who is a dancer and teacher at Allan Hancock Community College, and my two sons , Noah and Beau. I teach ceramics at Nipomo High School as well as Adult Education and make a few things on the side.

My work is inspired by the form and process as I’m still learning a great deal about the possibilities in clay. I really don’t care if I ever learn it all because I’m enjoying the journey so much that I hope it never ends. I consider an innate sense of design to be my greatest strength as an artist. I borrow themes from nature and popular culture to incorporate into my work. I tend to bounce back and forth between wheel thrown pieces and hand built forms. Each method offers something different in creative reward for me. I feel the Potter’s wheel is very peaceful and an important skill to have, however I tap more of the gutsy artist within when developing hand built ideas. I’ve yet to settle on a style as my one and only. I enjoy the artistic freedom to do what pleases me on any given day. A greater focus may emerge as my work matures but for now it’s rather eclectic in nature. A price afforded by virtue of a day job I suppose.
My current fascinations are with macro crystalline glazes and the raku technique. Both processes take away much of the control that I tend to incorporate into my work. These two glaze finishes revolve around wheel thrown objects rather than hand built forms. They offer a lot of eye candy but require much experimentation and patience.

There is something inherently attractive about a well crafted three-dimensional object. That third dimension is an addition to the art process for me. Not that other forms of art are less but physical materials just feel good to me. They seem to make a grander statement on some level. I’ve noticed that when I attempt to discard a flop on the potter’s wheel, that someone usually wants it badly. No one ever wanted one of my bad paintings.” Hum?”

I feel blessed to have a thread of God given ability to create. It keeps me engaged and entertained and helps my soul deal with these deteriorating world affairs. We are all gifted in some measure. Sometimes it takes a while to peel the onion skin back to find the heart of your gift but it’s there, and don’t let the fact that your eyes sting stop you from making this important discovery.

Brian Claverie